Saturday, May 08, 2004

But for the Press, They'd still be hiding it I know that some of the Republicans want to try to say its a "few bad apples" (I'm specifically excluding McCain, Lindsay Graham, and after seeing him last night refer to a systemic problem Warner and there are others too), but I cannot stress this enough, the problem of torture and abuse and holding Afghanis and Iraqis, no matter the crime as less than human is widespread and systemic -- so wide spread that higher heads must roll for it, and the President held responsible for it. It should also be stressed, however, that but for the Press (who they are now trying to blame for this) other than a few low-level morons it is unlikely anything would have happened. Why? Look no further than the Contractors accused at Abu Ghraib are still there. Oh they won't be much longer now that the Press is pointing that out. One of the latest photographs given to The Washington Post reportedly shows a senior military intelligence officer standing among the guards while Iraqi detainees lie in a naked heap on the floor of the cell. Gary Myers, a defence officer for one of the MPs charged, told the Herald that military intelligence officers would enter the cell blocks in "sterile" uniforms, showing no names or ranks, making it difficult to track their activities. Mr Stephanowicz's employer, a military contractor to the Pentagon, said he too had not been removed from his job. The Pentagon had not even asked his company, CACI, for his resignation. "We have not received any information to stop any of our work, to terminate or suspend any of our employees," said CACI's chief executive, Jack London. The secret army report on the scandal by General Antonio Taguba had called for Mr Stephanowicz to be sacked back on March 8. But I believe most of the wingnuts just don't want to contemplate that fact, probably because it is so hard to blame the Clenis for this problem. Again, but for the substantive change whatsoever. After three years and three months of slumber the Press has awoken, even the the Old Gray Lady: If Donald Rumsfeld went to Congress yesterday to explain why he should remain secretary of defense, he failed. His daylong testimony in the House and Senate has confirmed that Mr. Rumsfeld fatally bungled the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. But behind them lies a detention system that treats all prisoners as terrorists regardless of their supposed offenses, and makes brutal interrogations all too common. The hearings also gave Americans a chilling new reminder of the mess the Bush administration, particularly Mr. Rumsfeld, has made of the Iraq occupation. With their perfect sense of certainty that they were right and everyone else wrong, Mr. Rumsfeld and his colleagues never planned adequately for the occupation.
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