Friday, May 07, 2004

They All Knew Redux Keeping on a theme, more details from the Red Cross assertions of what and who they complained to in the Bush Administration about prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. I keeping putting these up for two reasons (1) I obviously have no real life; and (2) I'm tired of Wingnuts pushing the meme (Blogger Contract fulfilled for May 2004) of "BUT IT WAS JUST THESE FEW SOLDIERS, BAD EGGS" the administration didn't know. Bullshit!! The International Committee of the Red Cross regularly complained to senior United States officials in Iraq and in Washington over the last several months about prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, a spokesman for the group said on Thursday. The spokesman, Roland Huguenin, said, "Our reports to the U.S. administration contained many aspects which have now been reported with clear descriptions of the treatment of prisoners." "Unfortunately, we have not gotten the impression they've dealt with these issues very seriously," said Alexandra Arriaga, who is in charge of government relations for Amnesty International, which issued a report in March that cataloged reports of beatings, torture and other abuse in Iraq. ... A senior State Department official said that Mr. Powell had raised the issue of the Red Cross complaints about the prison at meetings of cabinet officials. But the official could not say whether Mr. Powell included the details of the Red Cross reports about the demeaning of prisoners. Remember this when the putz's of the Right try to minimize this whole thing and claim their never to be sullied "Chimperor" could not possibly have known.
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