Sunday, May 09, 2004

Bush/Rummy have Lost Newsweek Here is the cover story from prototypical establishment media whore Evan Thomas in reference to Rumsfeld. No Good Defense He leaned forward, changing the way America fights wars and shaking up a staid bureaucracy. But his culture of intimidation alienated the brass—and helped pave the road to Abu Ghraib. Donald Rumsfeld's journey to the brink ... Apparently, even the almighty Rumsfeld could not control everything that happens in the vast American gulag that has sprung up since 9/11 to deal with enemies of the state. ... There is mounting evidence of abuse in American military and supersecret intelligence prisons around the world. There is also growing evidence that Rumsfeld, or his top deputies and aides, did not want to hear the rumblings from such suspect organizations as the Red Cross and the State Department... The bottom line on all this is the military brass dislikes Rumsfeld, detests Wolfowitz, and dispises Douglas Feith. Look, at the very least, for Feith to be gone soon as the interrogation and detainment system was his specific watch. And then the real problems that are going to show not isolated abuse, but systematic ones, The Red Cross brought its complaints to the State Department's attention "regularly and consistently over a lengthy period" dating all the way back to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, one top State Department official told NEWSWEEK. A 24-page report delivered to the Pentagon in February tells of systemic "use of ill treatment"—most graphically, seven shootings of unarmed prisoners, sometimes from watchtowers. The abuses were "tantamount to torture," the report states. There are more articles in Newsweek including a condemning column from Fareed Zakaria.
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