Sunday, April 04, 2004

TEN MORE!! Ten more American Soldiers killed today most in Baghdad. The shameful and empty rhetoric of the Bush Adventure in Iraq is getting more ridiculous and injurous by the day. Fifty-two were killed in March, and now the deaths are accelerating in April, with but eleven weeks left before the handover of the government to an appointed group of Iraqis. And of course the damage did not end with just the terrible deaths, other members of the Potempkin Coalition were also killed, including those from the departing or tenuous members Spain and El Salvador, at least another two dozen soldiers wounded. As usual even more Iraqi's died, the number more uncertain. The conflict occurred throughout the nation of Iraq, not just in isolated pockets. Worse, it happened not from the Sunni's in the so-called "traingle", but rather amongst the Shia -- all in the wake of Bremer's decision to close down the reactionary Shiia newspaper of fundamentalist Al-Sadr, who is competing with Al Sistani for the hearts and minds of the Shiia. It's bad enough that Sistani doesn't want to talk to American authorities like Bremer -- it gets worse when firebrands like Al Sadr encourage the Shiia to attack the coalition. These are very bad times -- thanks to mismanagement we are on the cusp of potential disaster. The drip, drip, drip, is become a running stream.
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