Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Power of Creativity Is lacking at the moment (Ed: what else is new? -- Ed of Ed: Shut up you!). Right now I am transfixed, smitten really, with the mid-thirties redhead on the "Sharper Image Air Cleaner" thirty-minute commercial. She is hot in a hausfrau way, cutting up onions, mincing garlic, discussing pollen, smoke and pet dander. I love you Infomercial lady, grab your Ionic Breeze and come away with me in our 'Winnebago of Love', where we will travel about the country solving crimes, pass out Nexium to heartburn sufferers and visit Indian Casinos from coast to coast.... I really better have coffee, all I can do at the moment is parrot Atrios. From the Editor & Publisher website ...sound the digital trumpets. In an unusual move for the organization, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies (AAN) will release what it promises will be a bombshell article related to the Iraq conflict at 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday. It will be made available free of charge for publication on all AAN-member Web sites, as well as for print, and more than 60 members papers have expressed interest in using it, according to Executive Director Richard Karpel. The 3,000-word story, embargoed until Tuesday but obtained by E&P today, is based on a "closely held" memo purportedly written by a U.S. government official detailed to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA). It was provided to writer Jason Vest by "a Western intelligence official." The memo offers a candid assessment of Iraq's bleak future -- as a country trapped in corruption and dysfunction -- and portrays a CPA cut off from the Iraqi people after a "year's worth of serious errors." The article is titled, "Fables of Reconstruction," with a subhed, "A Coalition memo reveals that even true believers see the seeds of civil war in the occupation of Iraq." Karpel commented, "We have no question that the memo is authentic." ...So will the so-called establishment media pick this up?
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