Monday, April 19, 2004

White House of Bush, House of Saud CNN when discussing Woodward's new book and 60 Minute Interview: "...Subsequently, on January 11, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers met in Cheney's office with Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to the United States. At that meeting, Myers showed Prince Bandar a map labeled "top secret noforn," meaning that it was not to be seen by any foreign national, Woodward told CBS. The map outlined the U.S. battle plan for Iraq, which was to begin with an air attack, followed by land invasions moving north from Kuwait and south from Turkey, according to the book. Myers said Sunday on CNN's "Late Edition" that though he had not read Woodward's book, he was familiar with the account of the meeting, and it was "basically correct." "At that time, we were looking for support of our allies and partners in the region. Saudi Arabia's been a strategic partner in the region over a very long time," he said. "Part of the way we do that is to ask them and show them how and why we need their support in certain areas. "I felt comfortable, at the time, doing what we were doing with the Saudi ambassador." So the former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff doesn't see the War plan, but nearly two months before the war, a highly influential official from the Country which had 16 of the 19 9/11 hijackers as citizens, gets an advanced intelligence briefing on our war plan? A war plan specifically not to be shown to foreign officials? On which one of those 28 blanked pages about Saudi Arabia on the 9/11 Congressional report on Terrorism is that explained? Oh, and Prince Bandar promised to get those oil prices down this Spring and Summer just in time for the Son of God's reelection campaign. And that sharing of our WAR PLAN would be with the Prince Bandar that may be helping to finance Al Qaeda: A federal investigation into the bank accounts of the Saudi Embassy in Washington has identified more than $27 million in "suspicious" transactions—including hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to Muslim charities, and to clerics and Saudi students who are being scrutinized for possible links to terrorist activity, according to government documents obtained by NEWSWEEK. The probe also has uncovered large wire transfers overseas by the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The transactions recently prompted the Saudi Embassy's longtime bank, the Riggs Bank of Washington, D.C., to drop the Saudis as a client after embassy officials were "unable to provide an explanation that was satisfying," says a source familiar with the discussions. Now, where are all those Republicans expressing such outrage over Gore's Buddhist Temple fundraising?
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