Saturday, April 17, 2004

Our Chimperor is Inviolate There are reliable sources in this world. And then there are not. For example, if the owner of the Washington Times talks to you about the homosexual agenda and what to do about it ("they make great lampshides, I'm leaving until you get me one.") you might want to turn away. Of course, there are other places like the stream of unconsciousness known as "The Corner", aka, "what conservative book will KJL push this hour". The Corner is to quality writing what Julius Streicher was to Passover. But clearly the most bizarre of the right-wing reliability phalanx is "The American Spectator". Ask David Brock. In this weeks issue of Mellon-Scaiffe's "Invest-tia" we have this allegation: According to a Republican staffer on the 9/11 commission, growing public and pundit outrage over commissioner Jamie Gorelick's failure to disclose the existence of a Justice Department memo, had chairman Gov. Tom Kean asking Gorelick yesterday morning if she would think about stepping aside. "The word is she was asked whether she might consider it and she flat out shut him down," said the staffer. "We're in an extremely difficult spot on this." Oh please, who was the staffer -- Fred "I'm not Deep Throat...Really" Friendly's fluffer? No, the problem that the wingnuts have with the 9-11 Commission is that rather than put some "hey, everybody screwed up -- especially Clinton" spin on the matter, the Commission is actually comprised of a good hodgepodge of Democrats and Republicans that do not inhabit the outerspace confines of their respective parties. This means, of course, that they are credible and when they make particular criticisms of "Feckless Leader" making MISTAKES that chip away at the veneer of his know-nothing perfection. Fearing that Bush will only get a "Gentlemen's C" from the Commission, the right-wing has launched a full-out attempt to undercut the Commissions work. As a review of the article (if you can stomach it) makes clear this extends to Republicans such as Kean and Slade Gordon, who do not meat the Spectators high standards for proper rightwing nuttery. The attempts on the wingnut front even extends to sliming against the more prominant members of the groups of survivors. Poor Mellon-Scaife, like the Bush Campaign, all those millions spent for naught. UPDATE: It's a good think that the Bush Administration has long-time GOP Hack Ted Olson standing up for it. Ted's long standing "non-partisan" lawyerin' included assisting Paula Jones and the "Arkansas Project". Olson was also a victim on 9/11 when his fellow GOP Hack wife became a "ex-hack" on the plane the hit the Pentagon [ed: Seems a little mean; ed of ed: Attaturk, stop pretending that somebody is editing you; ed of ed of ed: and stop writing to yourself]. Olson cannot let getting to the bottom of 9/11 and a prescription deter American from honoring the Cult of Dubya.
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