Thursday, April 15, 2004

FORE! -- Play I'm sure that Dubya and Laura are not into all that perverted stuff (that's left to that little mynx Jenna after a few beer bongs -- that's not to decry such activity, I for one was whole-heartedly in favor of such behavior when I was young -- it was what I called, an opportunity). No, I'm talking about the fact that while terror alerts were all about, Bush met with George Tenet twice in the month of August after the 8/6/01 PDB. Not every day like Condeleeza Rice said (speaking of needing a few beer bongs), nor not "all the time" like the President said on Tuesday when he was awake, no, 31 days -- 2 times. And right after getting the August 6 PDB what did our take charge, manly tough guy do? He went golfing. And what of the August 6, PDB. What is just some beauracratic mumbo-jumbo as the White House wants to imply, a historical document? Nope -- it really was according to this a hysterical document. Larry Johnson, a former CIA officer and the State Department's counterterrorism chief from 1989-93, explained on MSNBC this afternoon, during a break in the hearings, why the PDB—let alone the Moussaoui finding—should have compelled everyone to rush back to Washington. In his CIA days, Johnson wrote "about 40" PDBs. They're usually dispassionate in tone, a mere paragraph or two. The PDB of Aug. 6 was a page and a half. "That's the intelligence-community equivalent of writing War and Peace," Johnson said. And the title—"Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US"—was clearly designed to set off alarm bells. Johnson told his interviewer that when he read the declassified document, "I said 'Holy smoke!' This is such a dead-on 'Mr. President, you've got to do something!' " (By the way, Johnson claimed he's a Republican who voted for Bush in 2000.) I'm sure the White House will be ready to dispute this of course. Mr. Johnson is obviously, disgruntled, looking for a book deal, insane, French, a "fop", light in the loafers, a friend of Dorothy, loves Showtunes, wears panties, or loves his pets a little too much if you know what I mean. Failing that of course, the White House will just selectively release classified documents. FORE!
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