Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Trouncing the First Amendment Highlights from a Bush slaughter of the english language.
When Melissa Zech walked out of her house to post a sign welcoming President Bush to Kutztown, she was dismayed at the messages protesters had already put up near a soldiers memorial across Main Street — ''Indict Bush.'' ''Outsource Bush.'' ''Kerry, take us out of the Bush Leagues.'' ''To say, 'Get rid of Bush' when he's coming to your hometown is obnoxious,'' said Zech, who teaches fifth grade in Reading.
As opposed to starting a war on false pretenses...that isn't obnoxious at all Ms. Zech.
Andrea Torcivia, 22, who made a sign saying ''We Luvya Dubya,'' said the president was a role model for her generation. Her grandfather, a World War II veteran, had a deep sense of America. Her generation, Torcivia said, needed someone to look up to. ''President Bush is a man who taught my generation what it means to be an American,'' said Torcivia, a recent Kutztown University graduate. ''He understands the price of freedom, and now, watching him as a leader, I do, too.''
...taught us what is means to be an American? Um, no.
''He's doing a great job,'' declared Donna Lutz, Lebanon County's recorder of deeds. ''Even though no one wants war, we have to finish the job in Iraq.''
As to the second half, perhaps...but for somebody who is supposedly included in "no one wants war", Bush certainly managed to get there soon enough didn't he?
''For the president to come through a town like ours, it's a real special treat,'' said McGonigle, 55, as Lee Greenwood's ''God Bless the USA'' played in Watt's living room. ''I don't really think people in Kutztown really appreciate it.''
Actually Mr. McGonigle -- playing Lee Greenwood repeatedly over a loud speaker would cause me to really appreciate the possibility of living in Canada...well that and the health care coverage. I've heard John Phillip Sousa my whole life and NEVER gotten sick of it, why must our ears be inflicted with Lee Greenwood?
''They're idiots,'' declared Ryan Anthony, 12, in line with his parents from Reading. ''They think they can change people's minds, even though they can't.''
The real Bush constituency...the 12 year old vote. Later Mr. Anthony went home and burned ants to a crisp with a magnifiying glass. Meanwhile the lovely respect for freedom of thought continued from outside:
After Bush went into the hall, Jim Wright, one of the protesters, returned to his car and found it had a broken window. Glass littered the back seat, and various items inside were shuffled around. An officer told him the Secret Service broke into the vehicle because two metal military ammunition containers made it look suspicious. Wright said he uses the containers to carry camping gear.
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