Monday, July 12, 2004

Another Week in Stupid Captions But I'm not bitter. Lynne Cheney says that it was out of character for her Husband Dick to use the "F-Word" in conversation. "He is much more likely to take his frustration out in other ways, like drowning kittens, shooting dogs, or biting the heads off gerbils", the Second "Lady" said. Sydney cowered last week under the terror that was flatulent Barney. After introducing the President, Senator Rick Santorum awaits his manly hug and soul kiss. In a campaign snafu, President Bush spoke against Gay Marriage at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania YMCA. The uh, war was justified, um, because...well, there were all those ah, um, no that's not it. Just a another term and it will come to me. Interim CIA Director John E. McLaughlin became the first mime to occupy the post. In a surprise interview on June 20, 2004, Osama Bin Laden tells Al Jazeera how many weeks it will be before he is revealed to be in custody of U.S. military forces. President Bush recreates his favorite scene from his favorite movie. The Death of Spock.
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