Thursday, May 20, 2004

White House "Informational" Spots Declared Illegal The Chimporer was just handed another defeat in the war of ideas. But does Bush have any ideas beyond what the 'Vulcans,' Chaney, and Daddy had? No matter whether the ideas come from Dick "I saved my former company" Chaney or Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove... some one is weaving a web of ideology masked as patrotism and policy. Those wacky radicals at the GAO released a report accusing the Brown Shirts at Bush Inc of a campaign of "covert propoaganda" by masking their attempt to sell the new Medicare law in the form of "news" programing. Of course, can a ruling that Fox "News" is a 24 hour propaganda network be far behind? We can only hope and pray that someone reveals that not only is the emperor wearing no clothes but all of his two-bit cronies in ideological hatred are not wearin' a damn thing either. Although, I am all for leaving the illusory clothes on Ann Coulter.
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