Thursday, May 20, 2004

Noonan Watch Well it's Thursday and in the land of unicorns and rainbows: where McCarthy was just a huggable lug and Reagan is wicked smart, things are as sunshiny and bright as ever. That can only mean America's sexiest matron since Phyllis Schaffley, checks in with her latest alleged column. In between the wellbutrin and xanax the Nooner gives us what she passes out as wisdom. First Peggy lets us in on this total shocker of the kind of people she runs around with:
I don't have a Big Theory to share, but I've been thinking a lot about someone who's more important than pundits, and that's a woman I spent a few hours with last week. She's a middle-aged, middle-class, suburban middle-of-the-roader.
In other stunning news, Peggy likes to hit the garage-sales for "Fiestaware". Peggy then goes on to write about this friend and her profundities. This leads me to Peggy hanging out with Tom Friedman? Does the mustache tickle? Y'know...down there? [Ed: OK, OK, total creep out...move along!!]
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