Saturday, May 29, 2004

We'll count what we want to count It seems like the U.S. has a new policy not to announce their casualties until a few days after the event. In every recent news story about the fighting, there are relatively high numbers of Iraqi casualties and no U.S. casualties reported. But everyday, the New York Times has “Names of the Dead”- as of the last few days between three and four. For the last report However, they do not say when their deaths occurred. The deaths that the Pentagon confirmed yesterday occurred on May 25 (two days earlier). It seems like the Pentagon has decided not to report casualties as they occur but to report them two days afterwards. As a result, the appearance that is being given is that there are no U.S. casualties in the last few days while this is apparently not the case. I have not seen any articles about this change of practice in reporting the casualties. Have any of you?
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