Wednesday, May 12, 2004

To "Some" of My Fellow Democrats -- Stop Being Idiots If there is one thing that always bothers me about many Democrats its the inability to relax and stop forming the proverbial circular firing squad. People keep looking at polls and cannot believe that anyone would vote for the Chimp. Knock it off. If someone can show me a poll that ever existed where at this point an incumbent President was losing badly to a challenger I'd like to hear of it. At this point Carter was still close with Reagan (something that despite wide swings after the respective conventions continued until the last couple weeks when Reagan pulled away). The only one that I can think of is Ford and he was in reality NOT an incumbent but a caretaker. Furthermore, this apprehension about Kerry is just Democrats letting the GOP spin machine enter their brains. The fact is that Bush is doing horrible, his "deserve reelect" numbers are abysmal, his approval/disapproval numbers are horrible, the numbers of whether the country is going in the right direction/wrong direction are horrible. Meanwhile, Kerry remains a guy who is not getting a lot of coverage, while even with horrible news Bush dominates the newscycle. Kerry will get a chance to get out there and define himself, Bush's effort has been a qualified failure at that, nothing fatal at all. The economy may improve, but Iraq isn't going to -- and that is actually unfortunate for the country, except to the extent it will kick the idiot who is responsible for the mess out of office. In any case Iraq is a cancer. Plus there are still these probabilities: 1. Plame is still going on and Scooter and Karl are nervous 2. Manhands is as much a liability as an asset. 3. Iraq -- there is still no plan. 4. Bush has put a lot on Brahimi, and that may not be working. 5. We are likely at the tip of the "torture" iceberg. There are two things that worry democrats, one a positive and one a giant giant horrible thing, but one that is possible. The first is the capture of Bin Laden -- but c'mon that canard has been there a long long time and never seems to really improve. The second, god forbid, is a sizeable terrorist attack. In spite of the fact such an attack would likely be reflective of Bush fuck-ups the nation still rallies around its leader, even a nominal one. But even I, who believe them capable of all sorts of lies, do not think they'd stage such an event. But I do believe they'd spin it for all its worth. In any case, I think the Republicans and the Democrats are united hoping that doesn't happen one way or another. So barring events we cannot control, Kerry is doing just fine. Relax. Here are two more articles to assuage your anxieties. First, the NY Times. Second, from The Hill. So relax, and don't swallow the GOP choad -- nor form up the circular firing squad.
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