Wednesday, May 12, 2004

How to Run a Newspaper if affiliated with a Religious Loon Steps: 1. Don't claim to be the messiah -- Mary Baker Eddy vS. Rev. Moon 2. Have your founder be big on education vs. fun raising 3. Have your founder be, um, dead. 4. Don't stage coronation ceremonies at the Capitol. 5. Keep your hands off the paper. The Christian Science Monitor has always had that policy and that is why it is a much much better paper than the Moonie Times. And though your typical Christian Scientist may disagree, if you find yourself reading and giving credibility to the Washington Times more than one time a month, please do seek medical treatment. From the editorial page of the CS Monitor:
Rumsfeld's Friday testimony was a mountain range of preposterousness, so full of peaks that the high point was hard to identify. But it might have come in Rumsfeld's railing against photographic technology. "[P]eople are running around with digital cameras and taking these unbelievable photographs and then passing them off, against the law, to the media, to our surprise, when they had - they had not even arrived in the Pentagon," he said. Yes, that was the problem. Not the abuse, but the fact that the images of it had been burned onto a disk for quick dissemination. Never mind that the images were months old...
And the excerpt below requires an INDEED that may actually be worthy of some reflection, meaning you'll never see it on Instahack:
Because President Bush acknowledges he had known about the abuse investigation since January, Rumsfeld's and Myers's testimony raises a serious question: When did the president learn about the pictures? If Myers or Rumsfeld told him they existed in January, the president should have asked immediately for more information and told the world. If Myers and Rumsfeld neglected to tell him about the pictures, meaning that the secretary kept information from the president and the Congress and caused a horrific public relations blunder, how can the president say he won't fire anyone? And in either event, how could the president, knowing the investigation was under way, continue to make speeches over and over again about how the "torture rooms" or "torture chambers" were closed in Iraq, as he did on Arab television last week even after the scandal had come to light? He had to know those words could come back to hurt US efforts in the region.
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