Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Righties Begin the Freakout I mean really, Bill O'Reilly, proclaims those ingrates just don't appreciate the good fortune they have in turning over their country to a western occupying power, having about 20,000 people killed, and tens of thousands injured and having their political future handed over to a bunch of crooked expatriots like Ahmed Chalabi. ...Isn't that a sign of a better life? Nevertheless, we cannot hold the Preznit accountable for poor decision making -- it is all the fault of those wacky ingrates of the nation we've decided to occupy. No, what we MUST do for the sacred duty of electing (for the FIRST time) God's ordained on Earth, Dubya, is .... wait for it ... CUT AND RUN. Some people simply will not embrace freedom. We have millions of Americans in this country who are being abused one way or another and refuse to do anything about it. Freedom is never free. Freedom is hard. The Bush administration must come to grips with the true character of Iraq and begin to change strategy. The safety of the American military must become the top priority. The interest of the Iraqis themselves second. Unlike Afghanistan (search), where the majority of people seem to be cooperating with America, the Iraqis lay back, perhaps traumatized by decades of Saddam's oppression. Understandable, but not acceptable. If these people won't help us, we need to get out in an orderly manner. If, come next October, Iraq continues to be a big mess, President Bush might very well lose the election. Mr. Bush and his advisers must know that. And that's why there's still a chance that the Iraqi radicals will be beaten. But time is running out, both for Iraq and for the Bush administration. Gee willikers Bill --- you mean that most everything that you and the fair and balanced White House information dispersal network has been telling us for the past 18 months has been one gigantic sunshiny LIE? Do YOU Bill feel even the slightest tad of guilt about your beating of the drum of war? Ah, that would mean you had a conscience, so I would guess not. Yes, Freedom is hard -- that is why Operation Cut and Run is so damned important a policy to enact. What could be a better plan than Operation Iraqi Chaos? Golly...thanks, asshole! Hey, here's a picture of an ingrate Iraqi NOT enjoying their freedom. You make sure you launch into this person in tonight's Talking Points. Or maybe you want to remember the 640 and counting American soldiers that have died in the splending little war you cheered so heartily for Jackass: Original found here Or maybe you just want to talk about the thousand plus soldiers who have given their hands, their feet, their arms or their legs to the cause...or just cheer on their skin grafts you overpaid, overstuffed, egotistical creep. After all, BILL, you pretty much told anyone who questioned the wisdom of feckless leader, SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Congratulations on your profound display of wisdom over the years.
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