Wednesday, April 07, 2004

THIS is the World that George Bush has Created While the U.S. Media refuses to show us the fruits of our nation's foreign policy, the much maligned Al Jazeera has no such compunctions. Our networks have to seem patriotic -- well so does Al Jazeera. BUT, when there is WAR, it is important that those of us here see the images of war. There is ample reason to call the sadrists cowards for hiding in mosque, behind innocent people, particularly children and then firing on American soldiers. Because it is cowardly and wrong. But likewise, it is an impossible position that the arrogance of our Administration has put our soldiers in. This is because of the cavalier manner in which the Bush decided to go to war, and then the manner in which they conducted the occupation ALL OF WHICH WAS TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC TO LET THEM GO TO WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! They could have told us what the war would cost in terms of costs and what troop levels were believed to be necessary -- BUT they went with the ROSEY scenario the whole way. They committed and hoped for the best. It helped them win the Fall 2002 elections after all. And WE LET THEM DO IT. -- Saddam has WMD -- WRONG -- The Iraqi's will greet us as liberators, especially the Shiites -- WRONG -- Iraqs oil wealth will essentially pay for the cost of occupation and invasion -- WRONG -- We won't need that many troops to occupy Iraq -- WRONG They sold this war to you WRONGFULLY, if not outright deceitfully. Here is what this the combination of cowardliness, malevolence, willfulness, inflexibility and arrogance when combined with the exigencies of the moment will get you.
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