Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Must they Deprive Me of Everything that gives my life Meaning? When they covered up the statute of justice with a curtain, I shrugged my shoulders. When they focused on curtailing free speech rights, I shook my head and stayed silent. When they attempted to expand the Patriot Act, I was sad. But now, the Justice Department is striking me too close to home. THEY ARE COMING AFTER PORN!!! Yes, we interrupt the War on Terror do go after the most dangerous threat to our nation's health. Masturbation! Lam Nguyen's job is to sit for hours in a chilly, quiet room devoid of any color but gray and look at pornography. This job, which Nguyen does earnestly from 9 to 5, surrounded by a half-dozen other "computer forensic specialists" like him, has become the focal point of the Justice Department's operation to rid the world of porn. In this field office in Washington, 32 prosecutors, investigators and a handful of FBI agents are spending millions of dollars to bring anti-obscenity cases to courthouses across the country for the first time in 10 years. Nothing is off limits, they warn, even soft-core cable programs such as HBO's long-running Real Sex or the adult movies widely offered in guestrooms of major hotel chains. Department officials say they will send "ripples" through an industry that has proliferated on the Internet and grown into an estimated $10 billion-a-year colossus profiting Fortune 500 corporations such as Comcast, which offers hard-core movies on a pay-per-view channel. You will have to pry my hard drive from my cold dead hands!! And by the way, that PORN is for MEDICINAL PURPOSES!!
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