Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Strike up the Banjo Music Heaven forbid that I avoid making a cheap joke out of some events. Rush Limbaugh has found the ideal bride. I think I speak for many people that since these two kids share so much in common that their hooking up is inevitable. Police: Courtney Love admitted taking painkiller LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Rocker Courtney Love appeared intoxicated when arrested last October on suspicion of drug use and told police that she had taken the painkiller OxyContin, one of the officers testified Monday. The officer, who with a partner found Love outside her ex-boyfriend's home in the middle of the night last October, said during a pretrial hearing in the case that the 39-year-old singer also admitted breaking windows of the house. "She admitted to taking Hillbilly Heroin, the street name for OxyContin," Officer Scott Blackman, adding that Love had symptoms of intoxication that included "slow, slick, slurred speech and mucous around both nostrils." It makes sense in many ways. It would probably be good PR for Limbaugh to have a less ethnic buyer. Also, Rush has been married a few times and could probably use more stability, and nobody is more stable than Courtney Love. Finally you have the fact that Courtney was such a positive influence on her last husband... Sounds like it's all good to me.
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