Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Obviously YOU PEOPLE Aren't Scared Enough A Message from the Chimp Intelligence Agency: The polls are showing a bump up for the Kerry-Edwards ticket. With that in mind -- nay, because of it -- the CIA would like to remind you, that though the nation's threat level is set at the permanent baseline of yellow -- we are all gonna die if this trend continues. Not that we are going to bump the level up to ORANGE and all. We cannot afford we will just tell you to pay special attention to Pat Boone's Jacket Color. Obviously, we advise all of you to run back to the comforting bosom of our Chimperor in Chief. Otherwise, just spend all of your time being afraid, being very afraid. We will not allow these terrorists to destroy the Reichstag our way of life. Now, watch this drive. But do not get too close to the President all you gay people -- and you black people, if you could get just a bit closer so we can put you up on the "Compassion Page" that would be great.
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