Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jacuzzi Lawyer
  Earlier today over at uberblog Atrios, currently being run, while the master is on vacation, by the Four Guest Bloggers of the Apocalypse (War, Pestillence, Famine, and Pie)[actually they are doing great] we saw bits of a transcript of John Edwards being a recently reformed "Jacuzzi Lawyer".  This accusation came from odious bowtie fetishist Tucker Carlson.   As the post went on to say, Edwards involvement with Jacuzzi's was focused on representing a young girl and her parents after the former's guts had been sucked out by a defective drain.   The Odious Carlson undoubtedly snarled this line with the full blown preppy derision that can only come from those who are from old money toward rich by merit.   But what Carlson apparently either forgot or didn't know is that a certain Republican compadre of Chimpy McFlightsuit may have a different impression of "Jacuzzi Lawyers":  
By Josh White Washington Post Staff WriterWednesday, June 19, 2002; Page B02The 7-year-old granddaughter of former secretary of state James A. Baker III died when she became trapped in a whirlpool and drowned in McLean, Fairfax County police said yesterday. Virginia Graham Baker of McLean was playing with other children in a friend's whirlpool on Alps Drive during a graduation party Saturday when she accidentally got caught in the pool's drain. She was stuck underwater and was unable to free herself, police said. A family member found her, and it took two adults to dislodge her, authorities said. Several people who were at the party then tried to revive the girl, who was taken by helicopter to Inova Fairfax Hospital and pronounced dead. Virginia was the daughter of James A. Baker IV, who is the son of the former cabinet secretary.
-- Washington Post, June 19, 2002, Page B02
Wonder what James Baker thinks of somebody who represents victims of such a measure.  You know very well his grandaughters death is being litigated or has been settled.   So Tucker -- you are an Ass.
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