Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Is the Media starting to wake up? Naw... but Chimpy and Trusty are getting a few tough questions. Man, imagine if all of this: starting a needless war that did not focus on real foreign problems, causing serious economic destabilization and shakeups, lying about domestic and military policy on a regular basis, destabilizing the Middle East, creating animosity among almost all our major allies, letting a lion share of the terrorist get away after a terrible attack in New York City and the Pentagon, creating a foreign policy that increases the recruits and sympathy for terrorism and especially those who led the attack in New York City, overlooking and explaining away high oil and gas prices because most of your buddies are involved in that industry, announcing vague yet dire security pronouncements tied to losing the political spotlight, relaxing security at airports while leading a supposed war to make America safer, attacking a decorated war veteran on military issues where you maybe did some national guard service even though people you supposedly served with do not remember you, having led a wild drunk and drugged adolescence that lasted until you passed thirty until a supposed religious conversion where you embraced one of the most extreme Christian sects, taking money, support, and policy advice from questionable corporations and indicted corporate ceos... and more that I have forgotten off of the top of my head... had occurred to Bill Clinton. And they tried to impeach him over lying about getting a blow job? The double standard hurts my head whenever I try to understand how we can have such a gulf between perception and reality. Republicans... wake up and realize the guy who is on your team is a loser. Take a look at this from The New York Times. Justin Hunt, a young man from Wildomar, Calif., about 75 miles east of Los Angeles, was determined to join the Marines. When recruiters pointed out that he was grossly overweight, he spent a year losing more than 150 pounds. Then he signed up and was promptly sent to Iraq, where he was killed last Tuesday in an explosion. He was 22. Three American soldiers, not yet publicly identified, were killed yesterday in two separate attacks on military patrols north of Baghdad. On Saturday four marines were killed in a vehicle accident near Falluja. And five more American soldiers were killed Thursday in a mortar attack on a base in the Sunni-dominated city of Samarra. For what? Even as these brave troops were dying in the cruel and bloody environs of Iraq, the Senate Intelligence Committee in Washington was unfurling its damning unanimous report about the incredibly incompetent intelligence that the Bush administration used to justify this awful war. Hey, its a start, right?
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