Friday, July 16, 2004

Conundrum   No, I'm not talking about Blogger's new tools, which have caused the blog's margins, to become so unattractive.  I'm talking about the dilemma for Jerry Falwell and his ilk (is there a better word for snide comments than "ilk"?  I don't think it can be bettered -- maybe matched by a "cabal" or a "clique" but not surpassed).   Poor Jerry and the fundies, as the NY Times points out they are tools used by the GOP, but failure still makes them happy:   
Failure on the cultural front serves to magnify the outrage felt by conservative true believers; it mobilizes the base. Failure sharpens the distinctions between conservatives and liberals. Failure allows for endless grandstanding without any real-world consequences that might upset more moderate Republicans or the party's all-important corporate wing. You might even say that grand and garish defeat — especially if accompanied by the ridicule of the sophisticated — is the culture warrior's very object.
  So let me completely satisfy the nutjobs by holding up my end of the bargain with ridicule (although my sophistication is definitely in question).   While Jerry does his best to flaunt the laws regarding tax-free status, I wonder if he thinks about the Hobsian Dilemma in which God has clearly put the United States according to his own logic train.   Jerry infamously said, shortly after 9/11 (like two days) that the attack occurred in large part because God had withdrawn his protection over the United States because of those damned sodomites.   Does Jerry ever think that maybe God won't allow the anti-Gay Marriage amendment to pass ... because of all the ass-fucking?  Maybe he is punishing us for the sodomy by making sodomy legal? That would really show us who's the boss.  "Who is the pitcher and who is the catcher now biatches?"   Or,  is it the alternative? Maybe God has no problem with the sodomy. "Plug away my randy little creations -- God just wants you to be happy, and if that trips your trigger, enema away!"   A real conundrum.  
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