Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Hypocrisy of Lunacy If anyone on the left, and I assume most of our hits are from that area, has been paying any attention the last several days you know that O'Reilly and Hannity, two mouthpieces of Rupert Murdoch's rightwing media empire are bagging on George Soros. Tony Blankley of the Washington Times on Hannity's radio show even made a baldfaced slur on Soros in pondering how, as a jew, he managed to escape death during the holocaust (Soros was in a concentration camp as a child). Blankley, of course, gets his paycheck from the Moonie Times. How can these assholes even look at themselves in the mirror in the morning? They get giant checks from Murdoch and/or Moon. And they know well that Richard Mellon Scaife, another billionaire, pours his money into various publications and right-wing websites posing as news organizations. That's Murdoch, Moon, and Scaife three billionaires versus George Soros for the left. Oh yeah, that's fair and balanced. Further, Atrios is completely right about how on earth the media ignores the blatant connections and influence peddling of the Moonie empire on the right-wing in this country. Conservatives push the Washington Times to the hilt as if its a major news source. It isn't. It's a loss leader for the right wing movement. It has a circulation of about 100,000, small city newspapers have far larger circulations than that. Further, Moon has lossed more than a billion dollars on the paper. The journalistic worthiness of the Washington Times is a joke. And yet, it is treated by the Right as a serious publication. And let us not forget about Moon himself. He is nothing more and nothing less than a cult leader. He declares himself to be not a mere holy man, or even a prophet, but the fucking second coming. That is not conservatism, it is madness. John Gorenfeld has been reporting the story of Moon hanging out in Federal Office Buildings and with Congresspersons for months now. While Fox News devotes prime time to going after what is effect is "another rich liberal jew" it ignores its own scathing hypocrisy. I've put up the pictures from Gorenfeld's cite before, but here is the link again and it is disturbing. This is a LUNATIC, a filthy stinking rich LUNATIC, and he is hanging out with congress members, and the right wing pushes his newspaper's/mouthpieces stories, he owns UPI (which is somewhat independent), and what major news stories about this are there? ZIP, NADA, NOTHING! Yet when Al Gore went to a buddhist temple for a fund raiser, there was hell to pay.
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